Sunday, November 05, 2006

Making Focaccia with Claire

Today I made Focaccia with Claire and Nathan. Focaccia is nice because it can all be done in one day without having to ferment dough overnight. They both helped me while I was scaling out and mixing the dough. Didn't get any pictures from that part of the process; floury hands & camera are not such a good combo. While Nathan and Amy went to a movie, Claire held down the fort and supervised while I formed and panned up the dough for baking. I have pictures of Claire in her supervisory/entertainer capacity, the raw dimpled and dressed dough right before it went into the oven, and the finished focaccia. I put Pine Nuts, homemade (in someone else's home) Peperoni, and Mozzarella on it and it came out pretty well. Lots of big bubbles that Amy likes.

And then we ate it. Cooking with the kids is interesting. Nathan likes to help measure, crack eggs, mix and taste. Claire likes to play with the ingredients and spread them around the house. Nathan insisted on tasting the dough straight out of the mixer even though I told him it wouldn't taste as good as the brownie batter and cookie dough that he's used to. I asked him how it was and he said "delicious" so I offered him the bowl to clean out but he wasn't very enthusiastic and lost interest a lot sooner than usual with the brownie batter. We had fun anyway and everybody seemed to like the end product.


paintrly1 said...

I love hearing about your culinary feats at home too. Are you going to post recipes?

I tried focaccia once and it came out too dense, not airy. What do you think I did wrong?

Nathan and Claire are so lucky! I will never forget 'helping' my Mom bake cakes. She used to give me the crusts of the cake to eat. I can still taste the crispy, vanilla goodness.

Mark K said...

So how does one become a cook? I've had interest but no success in cooking. By the time I get home, spend time with the kids, it's time to eat with not much time to cook. We result in high carb foods which doesn't give the kids a good variety to all the great foods out there. I grew up on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, so peanut butter and jelly on TOASTED bread is fine dining in my book!

Great blog. Keep it up and good luck on your goal of opening your own restaurant.