Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Days 5 thru now

I've heard through the grapevine that I'm disappointing people by not posting about our progress like I said I was going to. What with the terrible weather that smacked NNY around a couple of Tuesdays ago and losing a big maple tree, and losing our power for several days, and this & that I slacked off a bit. Anyway, cataloging every bit of cleaning I did made for some dry writing, and reading too I'm sure. By now, the kitchen is clean and nearly organized and about ready to open. I think we've finalized the menu...for now. At least we have a menu we're ready to distribute to the waitstaff in a day or two and open with on the 9th. Donovan, Dana, Art (Donovan's dad) and Marilyn (Donovan's mom) and many others have done a lot of work getting the front of the house looking great. Between the staining and poly-ing of the bar and bar floor that Art has done, the cleaning, planting, painting and pruning that Marilyn has done, and EVERYTHING that Donovan and Dana have done, the place is going to look fabulous when we open. They've begun the process of filling the place with cool antiques that really lend personality, and have found some Malone newspapers for June, 1944 to dress the table-tops with. One of Donovan's uncles was in yesterday doing some electrical work and will be back to do more, including installing a 220v electrical service somewhere in the kitchen so we can plug in the Alto-Shaam. Jeremy, a fellow Maxfields alumnus joined the crew and started working last Saturday. Unfortunately for him, he's tall so I gave him the job of cleaning the ceilings. Now they're all done though. My mom, Janet, even pitched in several days worth of kitchen cleaning for the cause too.

That's about all for now. I'll try to come up with some good pictures and maybe post the menu soon too. Sorry for the hiatus. Opening a restaurant is a lot of work, but it doesn't necessarily make for gripping reading. Back with more soon.


paintrly1 said...

Dan, I feel so badly that I hadn't checked your blog in so long. I thought you had stopped!

I wish you all the luck and speedy opening of the restaurant. I will be using your bread ideas too because I will be freezing bread I make for after baby is born.

What do I need to know about freezing bread?

Love the look of your blog!

saffry said...

Joy, freezing bread works great. I just put it in a gallon ziploc and it seems to last pretty well for at least 3 months. Some people say wrap with aluminum foil first, but I don't. Then thaw at room temp. for a few hours and use quickly. I'm looking forward to getting back to writing about bread some day. Good luck with the baby!


DUBaconBeer said...
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DUBaconBeer said...

Chef, this is fantastic. Im jacked up, cant wait to get back at it. The menu looks great. Let me know how things go first day!